There are ten major challenges or differences between selling into the commercial/private sector and the Federal/public sector. To be successful selling into the Federal customer, companies have to understand how to align strategically and tactically in all phases and areas of the Federal market. These courses provide very specialized training to “follow the money” from the U.S. Tax Payer to the company closing Federal revenue.

There are many Federal Sales training courses on the market today on how to “Capture” and “Business Development” for services work for the Federal market. Our Federal Sales training coursework is different. We designed this coursework to laser focus on closing business and revenue for “Products and Services”. We have created three training levels and can customize each course to any company’s requirements.

Each Level of coursework has four primary components:

  1. The Territory
  2. The Money
  3. The Plan
  4. The Company

Providing Courses:

  • 1 Day: Corporate C-Level training:
    • “Why Build a Federal vertical”
  • 3 Day: Intermediate Federal Sales:
    • Building a successful Federal sales plan
  • 5 Day: Entry Level Federal Sales:
    • Federal 101 & Building a successful Federal sales plan



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