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Countdown is to provide you insight into how much time is left for the US Government to spend the $89 Billion in Information Technology budget for 2018. Are you set to capture any of this budget?

FY 2018 Minibus going through the system

Instead of one large Omnibus bill Congress decided on funding the Federal Government with smaller bills.

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Thank you for visiting “BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL FEDERAL SALES VERTICAL” series. This series will help you in many areas:

  • Selling into the Federal market -Why?
  • Aligning and managing expectations with corporate revenue goals
  • Traversing the Federal Speak
  • Federal Sales basics
  • Closing business in the Federal market vertical
  • Providing specific resources all in one place so you don’t have to search for them all over the internet
  • Marketing to the Federal customer and major system integrators
  • and much much more rich content

I will have guest writers, quotes from visionaries, analysis of success stories, stories on pitfalls and obstacles, and additional information to assist you in building your Federal vertical. As we proceed, I will continually add more content as the Federal market changes to ensure you obtain the latest information and how it could effect your business revenue and strategies. I welcome and encourage anyone who can add value to this discussion to email me. This is an open forum for success.

Again, thank you and I truly hope this series will help everyone to better understand how the Federal Government can add great business value to your corporate goals and strategies.

How can I assist you with your Federal Sales?

Building a successful Federal vertical can be very stressful and confusing. As you peruse the content provided throughout this site and have specific questions on how to best use this information or need additional assistance in developing a strategy on building your Federal vertical, please REACH OUT to me. In the form below, please provide your name, email address and in the message area – provide some specific detail (questions or assistance) that I can assist you.

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