Building a Successful Federal Sales Practice

This site was created to EMPOWER FEDERAL SALES people. The information, links and blog all serve the purpose to provide Federal sales organizations and practices powerful knowledge to build their Federal sales revenue pipelines. The organization and categorization of information will help Federal salespeople quickly find what they need and answer their questions on where to find information with the Federal market.


Provides absolutely necessary prerequisite information to selling into the Federal market

Federal Sales Essentials


Provides information to Federal salespeople to better understand the Federal acquisition processes and the Agencies that deliver those services


Provides information that assists in how the Federal market operates and to help guide Federal salespeople to their Federal customers


Provides information regarding the appropriations, distribution and spending of Federal monies.


Provides information regarding opportunities that Federal departments and agencies need to fulfill their particular missions



Provides direct information to all the Federal “product” certifications requirements and sites.

Again, thank you and I truly hope this series will help everyone to better understand how the Federal Government can add great business value to your corporate goals and strategies.

Recent Blogs

Sanctum Federal “Empowers Federal Sales” with: 

  • Federal Sales Certification Training 
  • Territory Plan and Execution methodology 
  • Federal Sales Coaching: Putting the training into action 
  • FedSalesTracker: tracking and managing their Federal revenue plan  
  • Federal Sales Consulting in building Federal Business Plans for companies to quickly develop and engage with the Federal market.  

We assist companies in building their Federal revenue sales practice. This includes all aspects of the Federal sales practice on a tactical level – Federal Business Plan or FBP: 

  • Marketing Plans
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market Approach
  • Hiring Plan
  • Federal Reseller Plan
  • Federal System Integrator Plan 

Since some of your Federal salespeople and surrounding support personnel have completed our Federal Sales Certification Training, we are offering a four-hour One-On-One Territory Coaching Sessions using the methodology in the training to help build out select Territory Managers territory plan. We help them build and execute a plan specifically designed for them and their territory.  

This process is repeatable, trackable and measurable for the Territory manager and you, their manager. Here are the areas that are covered in this unique four-hour one-on-one session. 

  1. Goal setting 
  2. Territory Plan Methodology 
  3. Marketing Plan Techniques 
  4. Checklist Accountability 
  5. Customer Centric Product Strategies 
  6. Executing the Methodology, Techniques and Strategies to achieve stated GOALS. 

Federal Sales Training 101 – course 

New basic Federal Sales Training 101 course on our Learning Management System. This OnDemand 101 course will provide the students a one-week self-paced curriculum designed specifically for the beginning Federal salesperson. These six modules are included: 

  • Introduction to the Federal Government 
  • Breakdown of the Federal Market 
  • Federal Speak 
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations 
  • Federal Budget Cycle 
  • Federal Buying Cycle 

Federal Sales Certification Training – course

Our flagship program is designed for anyone interested in becoming a better Federal Sales professional. Whether you are new to Federal Sales or have spent years selling to the Federal Government, this course offers you the tools and techniques you need to sell more. 

This class is delivered virtually and will instruct the student how to use a continually refined, Federal Sales methodology. This methodology has helped companies generate millions of dollars in revenue from a Federal customer base and it is centered on four key areas: territory, money, plan and execution. 

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