Federal Sales Certification Training - Download Area

Welcome to our Methodology page. Here we wanted to provide you our Federal Sales Certification Training methodology training pages for easier printing. You can use these pages to track the progress of each opportunity you are working.

Share your progress with management, sales engineers, marketing, partner or any other person that is assisting you in your overall successful mission to close your Federal opportunities.

Use the check boxes to remind yourself and others on where you have completed the requirement or need assistance in checking the box. Keep true to yourself.

The Federal Sales Certification Training offered by Sanctum Federal references a number of methodologies and checklists that you can use to more effectively navigate the Federal Market. This section includes downloadable templates for our:  

  • Alignment to Close Checklist
  • Sales Lifecycle
  • Closing Checklist
  • Procurement Relationship Map
  • Executing your Documented Plan
  • IT Certifications
This feature is available to Gold and Platinum subscribers.