About Me

Hawksbill – SNP

Hello and thank you for visiting my site. I created this site to assist people in developing a strategy to build a successful Federal sales vertical. I have managed and built both commercial and Federal sales organizations throughout my twenty-five years in this business. I have had both successes and failures throughout my journey and learning the whole way through.

On the Federal side of my career, I served in the U.S. Navy for approximately six years with time at sea. In the following years, I began my sales career. It has been quite the journey from pre-sales engineering role to Executive Director of Commercial Sales and then began selling exclusively to the Federal market with start-ups companies.

This is where I developed my strategy, methodology and processes for building a Federal sales practice with mostly cyber security products and services.  Additionally, I served as a VP of Business Development, Sales and Marketing at a System Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) contractor and a reseller. Throughout this journey though, my true passion is in direct sales to my customers. Since I was at all these different types of job functions I have a well rounded thought process of building the Federal sales practice.

I was most successful at companies that fully participated and committed too building the Federal vertical. That means providing all the resources: time, money, process and technology needed to be successful. Success in these terms means revenue from the Federal customer base. I was able to generate millions of dollars in revenue with those companies that commit and participate in the effort. With the company or two that did not participate, I was not as successful.

In my LinkedIn profile, you can read about the companies where I built a Federal sales practice. I am passionate about what I do in life both personal and professional.  As indicated by my picture, I love to hike. I am also a volunteer hike leader for a non-profit organization. So, I plan almost everything I do in life including work, home and fun. Since I am a hike leader, I have a lot of responsibilities for people for the people I lead out on trails in mountains, over streams, through rain, snow, cold, heat, ascents, descents that I have to plan for all contingencies. That makes the hike seem effortless to all hikers following me.

As it is with hiking, I want the same thought process in my professional life. I make the building of the Federal sales practice seem effortless because I plan for all, or as much as possible, contingencies. My belief is leadership, planning and knowledge are the keys to ensure any journey is successful. Can you plan for everything? Absolutely not, but you can be prepared and professional.

My goal with this site is to help you to understand the trials and tribulations that can be frustrating in building a Federal sales practice. Though this blog is specifically oriented towards information technology capabilities, the framework and discussion will be laid out in such a way anyone could use these strategies in building a Federal sales practice.

Can someone do this another way, absolutely. So please share your ideas, thoughts and suggestions. Now let’s begin this journey.

Additionally, I actually built a company Sanctum Federal to assist you in this journey. We can help in consulting, coaching, Federal Sales Certification Training and a new cloud-based product being developed today.